Mid-range car audio modification reminder

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Infrastructure: a move is not as good as a quiet

In general, the configuration of the intermediate car is not low, and the design considerations are relatively comprehensive. Therefore, in the modification, if the characteristics of the intermediate car are not combined, the effect will often be counterproductive.

First, try not to change the "trend" of the original car line, because the wiring of the general mid-range car is quite reasonable, and it is not necessary to change it under normal circumstances.

Second, do not tear off the waterproof membrane. Generally, after removing the interior of the door, you can see that a metal film is attached to the metal door frame. Many construction workers are troublesome and tear the waterproof film, which is easy to cause short circuit and water in the cabin.

Third, avoid replacing the original wiring harness. Since there are many electric vehicles for mid-range vehicles, all of them use a large-loaded wiring harness, so there is no need to worry about replacing the wiring harness because the load is too large.

Fourth, do not arbitrarily increase the power amplifier. Many car owners say that the volume of the sound is not enough, and the amplifier is added. In fact, in the audio conversion, the speaker is the most fundamental, blindly increase the power amplifier will not make the effect better, but will lead to a decline in sound quality.

DVD host: Zhongyang products are all good at winning

It is worth mentioning that many mid-level car owners are happy to enjoy the visual function of DVD, but even the luxury version of the mid-size car, few original cars have this "luxury" configuration, so in the aftermarket Car owners often add car DVD players and face dazzling choices.

At present, there are two main types of car DVDs, one is a domestic special type, and the other is an imported standard type. These two types have their own advantages. The advantages of domestically produced models are powerful. In addition to supporting common formats such as CD, MP3, and DVD, TV interfaces and USB and SD ports are also available. At the same time, its beautiful appearance, in the panel design, and the original car position, after installation is like the manufacturer's matching, not to worry about compatibility issues, in addition, the low price is a prominent advantage. However, its shortcomings are also very obvious, mainly because the quality is not stable enough, especially the sound quality, image quality, durability and other aspects are unsatisfactory.

As for the imported host, the quality is excellent, such as sound quality output, image quality resolution are obviously superior, but the shortcomings are also outstanding, first, the shape design is general, and the original car's interior design conflicts, when installing the standard type of imported host, the owner Generally, it is necessary to add a few hundred pieces to make another face shell. Second, the standard type is often 25% more expensive than the special type. In view of the fact that most of the modified audio projects are in the consumption level of several thousand yuan, the domestic machine ratio Imported machines are more sought after.


 Popular car modification reviews

a Toyota Corolla replaces the "lightweight" speaker

The Japanese cars at this price are basically fuel-efficient as a selling point. It is inevitable that the “weight” of some parts of the car will be simplified. Therefore, many car owners who have requirements for car audio will feel a little level. When the music is sensed, the original car configuration will not be satisfactory in terms of expressiveness. Corolla is a clear example. The owner of the car horn that is being modified in the store told the reporter that as long as the volume is turned up, there will be a humming noise in the music performance.

After the professional removes the original car horn, the pair of horns on the original door are made of plastic material. Although the whole horn is very light, such a horn is not satisfactory in sound reproduction. The horn is 60% lighter. Therefore, in the original car audio modification of Corolla, I want to achieve obvious results. The main point is to focus on the replacement of the horn.

The 307's horn position is better distributed, making the sound field of the sound propagation deeper, and the three-dimensional feeling when reaching the human ear is strong. Compared with other models, the 307 door horns are installed in a special way. The general door horns are mounted on the metal door frame of the door, while the 307 is mounted directly on the door trim, so the owner wants to get better. Performance, it is recommended to add a layer of sound insulation at this location.

It is worth mentioning that the 307's modification focus is not on the speaker, but on the host. Due to the small output power of the 307's own host, many owners have reported that their vocalization is not "strength". If you install a power amplifier, the problem will be solved. Since the central control position of the 307 is suitable for any host, the conversion potential is very prominent.

b Guangben Civic considers adding a host

For the car owners who want to modify the Honda Civic, it is regrettable to say. Since there is no special model of Civic on the market, the space for the modification of the host is not very large. If you insist on replacing the mainframe, you will need to install a new panel, but with the cost increase.

In addition to the method of replacing the mainframe, Civic owners can also consider installing. Because there is ample space in the lower part of the control panel in the Civic, it is not a problem to install a host. This method does not conflict in use, but it is beautiful. Make some discounts.

c FAW Volkswagen sagitar pulls people and speakers distance

For the sagitar sound design position, it is worth discussing. The door horn of the car is installed at the waist of the driver, so that the sound transmitted through the horn will be more obstacles in the process of spreading to the human ear, which affects the performance. Therefore, the best modification method is to put the door on the door. Move the horn position a little to avoid more obstacles. The principle is that the position of the speaker inside the car is preferably as far as possible from the human ear, and the fewer obstacles in the process of communication, the better the sound wall and the better sound quality.

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