Car navigation detection and repair skills

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Then, in the previous issue of car navigation detection methods and maintenance methods, this issue will continue to share the inspection and maintenance skills of car navigation:

1. Bluetooth pairing settings, to use the Bluetooth hands-free function, you must first establish a connection, you need to pair the host with a Bluetooth mobile phone. Switch the unit to the Bluetooth screen to automatically enter the Bluetooth connection status.

2. Turn on the Bluetooth function of your phone and activate the Bluetooth device search function. The screen displays “Pairing”. When the system and the mobile phone get a signal connection, the mobile phone will display

The name of the phone is Carkit. When connecting, the phone prompts for the device pairing password: “0000”, the pairing is successful, and the host displays Connect ok.

3. You can dial the number directly from your phone or enter the phone number via the number buttons on the screen.

4. Press the screen number button to enter the number. The number field displays the entered number. If you make a mistake, you can click “Delete” to delete it bit by bit.

5. When there is a phone call outside, the system will automatically switch to the Bluetooth function interface in any mode to realize the hands-free function, you can directly make or receive calls.

7, U disk / SD card playback

1. Play the U disk file, first insert the U disk with the signal source into the USB interface of the host panel in the correct way.

2. Play the SD card file and insert the SD card with the signal source directly into the SD card slot of the host panel.

3. After the U disk/SD card is read, it is the same as the MP3/MP4 disc playback mode.

8, TV closes less, bad

First, determine whether the TV antenna power cable and signal receiving cable are plugged in, and the TV system is correctly selected (for TV function). It is recommended that the TV antenna be placed in the back glass and used in an open air for better results.

9, touch screen effect method

After the host is turned on, enter the radio state, press the “setup” button to enter the calibration state with the broadcast control, and use the touch pen to quasi the “ten” crossover point until it automatically returns to the radio state to complete the correction.

10, reverse without rear view image

First, determine whether the host reversing control line (orange, yellow, blue) is connected to the rear view input cable of the main unit and the rear view camera video cable. (Check if the tail line is connected to OK, etc.).

11, can not boot

This problem is usually caused by the customer's misoperation. The system can't work temporarily. Apply the toothpick and press the panel reset button (RET) to restart.

12, can not enter navigation (can not find navigation software)

Check if the navigation setting path is OK, or reset the navigation software path (open the NAVIONE.EXE file in the NAVIONE folder of the SD folder)

13, Bluetooth sound is small / the other party hears a small voice

Please check if the front speaker channel is connected. This system can only be used by the front speakers to have a sound. The other party can't hear it. Please check if the speaker is in the driving position.


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