What are the coups for car navigation?

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1. Do not let the car navigation screen touch sharp objects.

2. Follow the shutdown sequence after the end of the use: first close the page, then shut down, and finally remove the plug. Some car owners have convenient maps. When they are used up, they simply pull the plug and never turn it off. This is a troublesome thing, but it takes a long time to damage the electronic components.

3. It is best to charge the machine for about 10 hours before the machine is used, so that the battery storage capacity can be maximized.

4. Start the car first, then plug in the cigarette lighter power supply. After the navigation is finished, remove the cigarette lighter and plug it in again after the car is started. This will help protect the battery of the machine and prolong the battery life.

5. Portable navigation should not be exposed to the sun for a long time. The large temperature difference not only affects the battery life of the navigation but also affects the touch sensitivity of the LCD screen.

6. After the end of use, it is best to put it away, do not put it in a conspicuous position on the car, so as not to provoke the thief.


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