How to choose car navigation system

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Nowadays, car navigation systems have basically become an essential auxiliary tool for driving. If you go out to an unfamiliar city, take a high-speed road, and get to a destination in a strange city, using GPS car navigation can greatly improve efficiency and even help us improve driving safety.

However, the current GPS car navigation system quality is uneven, how to choose a suitable car navigation device?

There are many kinds of current GPS car navigation systems. From the hardware devices used, they are mainly divided into independent car navigation systems and mobile phone built-in navigation functions.

This article focuses on the independent car navigation system, that is, the GPS navigator without the phone function and only the GPS navigation function.

Independent GPS navigators are generally available on the built-in operating system: Android (Android) system and Windows CE operating system.

First you need to determine which system of navigation you want to buy.

For the navigator of the Windows CE operating system, it is currently the most popular stand-alone navigator operating system on the market. It can be said that the domestic independent navigation device from 2008 until now, Windows CE is the absolute mainstream operating system. With Windows CE, not only can you navigate stably, but also support most of the professional navigation software on the market, which is mature and stable.

However, the software extension of Windows CE is not good. In addition to professional navigation software, other entertainment software and tools are not rich enough (although many independent GPSs have built-in rich software, such as small games, music players and e-reading. Device, etc.).

If you want to buy a stable and mature navigator, then choose Window CE system is a good choice.

For Android (Android) system, in addition to navigation, you can also install a large number of Android applications. After installing the software, you can not only change the navigation software upgrade system very conveniently, but also install games to play games and listen. Music even online (if the navigator supports WiFi Internet access).


With the Android system, the GPS navigator is already equivalent to a tablet. If you value the system scalability of the GPS navigator (such as installing your own games and other Android software), then it is better to use the Android system. select.

The advantages of the independent navigator are stable operation, fast search, cheap price and high cost performance. However, most mobile phones have built-in GPS modules. You only need to install the corresponding GPS software to get the navigation function for free (the latest version of Baidu map has built-in voice navigation function).

If you only use the GPS car navigation device occasionally, then choosing a smartphone + GPS software will be your best choice.

If you are a professional driver or don't like a smartphone, then choosing a standalone navigator will make you more worry-free on the road.

Regardless of which navigation device you choose, you must actually test the accuracy of the positioning. It is recommended to take the navigator to the outdoor open space for testing. Generally, the navigator that accurately searches for the star and locates in half a minute has better performance; the navigator that is accurately positioned within 2 minutes is a target that can reach the standard; the navigator that cannot be positioned within 2 minutes Just don't buy it.

During the test, you can also open the GPS tool software in the Navigator settings to view the GPS satellite search information and confirm that the GPS works well.

Generally speaking, the more the number of search stars, the more stable the navigation is. The number of search stars > 4 can be accurately located, while the average number of search stars is about 7, so that the navigation device can be used stably.

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