What should I do if the car radio signal is poor?

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Many car owners usually turn on the radio to listen to news, road conditions and music when driving on the road, but sometimes they encounter situations when they can’t hear them, that is, when the signal is poor. So what should I do if this happens?

why car radio signal poor

The reasons for not receiving the signal are as follows:

1. The radio receives broadcast signals through an antenna, and the signal reception quality is affected by many factors, such as mountain areas, tunnels, high-rise buildings, magnetic fields, or poor signal areas and other areas where signals are blocked or interfered, making the radio unable/difficult to receive signals.

2. In bad weather environments such as cloudy, rainy, foggy, and snowy, the radio signal is time lagging compared to the normal environment.

3. When the vehicle is equipped with some equipment that has not passed the relevant electromagnetic compatibility test (such as some driving recorders, car mobile phone chargers, etc.), the internal circuits of these equipment will radiate large interference signals to the outside, which will affect To the radio to receive the station normally.

The solution is as follows:

1. As long as there is no environmental interference, the radio can be received normally, indicating that there is no problem with the radio.

2. In some areas with weak signal, you can manually adjust the frequency band to receive the sound, but there may be noise at this time.

3. If it is found that the receiving effect becomes worse or individual stations cannot be received after installing a certain device, you should stop using the device.

4. In any case, the radio cannot be received, please go to the local Geely 4s store to check whether the radio and antenna are normal.

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