Car navigation

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The car DVD navigation and navigation system is mainly composed of a navigation host and a navigation display terminal; the built-in GPS antenna receives data information transmitted by at least three of the 24 GPS satellites orbiting the earth, thereby determining the current location of the car. s position. The navigation host can determine the exact position of the car in the electronic map by matching the position coordinates determined by the GPS satellite signals with the electronic map data.

On this basis, various functions such as car navigation, route recommendation, information inquiry, and playback of AV/TV will be realized. The driver can easily drive the car by simply watching the screen on the display, listening to the voice prompts, and manipulating the remote control in the hand.

The car GPS navigation system consists of two parts:

One part consists of a GPS receiver and display device installed in the car; the other part consists of a computer control center, and the two parts are connected by positioning satellites.

The computer control center is authorized and organized by the motor vehicle management department. It is responsible for observing the dynamics and traffic conditions of the designated vehicles in the area at any time. Therefore, the entire car navigation system has at least two functions: one is the car track monitoring function, as long as The coded GPS receiver is installed in the car. The car can indicate its location through the electronic map of the computer control center wherever it is driving. The other is the driving guide function. The owner can electronically route the various areas. The picture is stored on the floppy disk. As long as the floppy disk is inserted into the receiving device of the car, the position of the car and the current traffic status will be displayed on the display immediately. You can enter the destination to go and prepare the best in advance. The driving route can also accept the instructions of the computer control center to select the route and direction of the car.


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