According to which points can you pick a good car navigation?

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Four steps are required to select car navigation

first step:

Its hardware facilities, hardware can determine the soul of car navigation, its positioning system, whether it has a very good GPS chip, the chip determines its value, if the chip is not so good, the value of car navigation is very common.

The second step:

Features. The function of car navigation is very perfect, there should be nearby restaurants, banks and so on. The diversification of car navigation can already involve basic requirements such as office and entertainment, and the functions are more humane.

third step:

The appearance of the product. There are many types of car navigation on the market. Some cars have original models, and many cars do not have original car navigation. They will choose to install a mobile navigation to help their driving path.

The bottom of the exterior is a suction cup that can be sucked onto the glass, and the bracket can perfectly hold the navigator. You can get the glass in front of the driving, which is convenient for the driver's operation has been watched.

the fourth step:

Branding. Car navigation manufacturers have a good grasp of the car navigation chip, as well as the degree of map update, these are quite comparable.


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