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  • Table lamp eye protection hot sale rechargeable table lamp LED bedside lamp

  • Product name: Touch LED Eye Protection Desk Lamp
    Net weight: 220g
    Product Power: 2w
    Specification: 12.5*10.5*35cm
    Light emitting diode Model: 16 SMD2835
    Light color temperature: 3000K/5000K
    Gear: 3 touch dimming
    Battery Capacity: Lithium battery 1200mAh
    Charging Power: 5V 1A
    Charging cable length: Micro USB 1 meter
    Duration of use: When the battery is fully charged, the first gear is 20 hours, the second gear is 10 hours, and the third gear is 4 hours.
    Accessories :LED lamp, USB cable, product manual
    Charging Indicator: Red light indicates battery is charging, and blue light indicates battery is fully charged.

Product Description