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Mid-range car audio conversion reminder

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Infrastructure: an action was better than

Overall, the basic configuration of Chevrolet too low, considering the design is also more comprehensive , so the modification, if not binding characteristics of mid-size car , free modification, the effect is often counterproductive.

First, try not to change the original car lines "to" , because the general mid-range car wiring are quite reasonable , under normal circumstances do not need to change again .

Second, do not tear the waterproof membrane . General Remove the door trim , you can see a layer of waterproof membrane with metal frames , many construction workers troublesome, the waterproof membrane tear while doing so easily lead to short-circuit and cars were flooded .

Third, to avoid replacing the original wiring harness. Since the mid-range car electrical equipment more, all using a larger load wiring harness, so do not worry because the load is too large to replace the harness.


Fourth, do not arbitrarily increase the power amplifier . Many owners say enough sound volume , quick to add amplifiers. In fact, the audio conversion , speaker is the most fundamental , blindly increase the amplifier will not make better, but will result in degraded sound .

   DVD Host : Zhongyang product good wins

   It is worth mentioning that a lot of mid-size car owners are happy to enjoy the DVD 's visual function , but even deluxe edition of Chevrolet , there was little original car with this " luxury" configuration, therefore , after the market owners often install car DVD player , and faces dazzling choice.

Currently there are two major car DVD , one is domestic special type, the other is a standard type of imports . Both types of strengths and weaknesses, advantages of a dedicated domestic models is a powerful addition to supporting a common format CD, MP3, DVD and other outside TV interface with USB, SD socket is also readily available. Meanwhile, its appearance, the panel design, location consistent with the original car , then put on as manufacturers supporting the same , but without worrying about compatibility issues , in addition to low prices is one of its outstanding advantages . But its shortcomings are obvious , mainly in quality is not stable enough , particularly in the areas sound quality, picture quality, durability and other difficult satisfactory.


  As host of imports , excellent quality, such as the sound output, quality and resolution are obviously superior , but also highlight the shortcomings , one shape design in general, and the original design of the car 's interior conflicts when installing standard import hosts, owners another plus hundreds of pieces are generally required to make a shell, the second is the ratio of the price of standard special type often expensive 25 percent . Given the converted audio works mostly in a few thousand consumer level , so the ratio of domestic machine imported machines and more popular these days .


  Popular models adapted Review

  a Toyota Corolla replacement " portable " speaker

   This price of Japanese cars , are basically fuel as a selling point , streamlining certain parts of the car accessories "weight" is inevitable, therefore , that many have asked for car audio owners will feel a slight level of listening when the sense of the music , the original vehicle configuration in terms of expression will not satisfactory. Corolla is an obvious example. The car horn is being converted shop owners told reporters, as long as the volume up , music performance will appear in "hissing " noise.

   Professionals after the original car horn removed , and that the doors of the speakers on the original , is made ​​of plastic material, although the entire speaker is very light, but this speaker , the sound reduction is not satisfactory, compared to normal the horn full 60% lighter , so on to the original Corolla car audio conversion , you want to achieve significant results, we recommend the focus is aimed at replacing the speakers .

  Speaker position 307 distribution better, make the sound deeper sound field propagation reaches a strong sense of three-dimensional human ear when . Compared with other models , the door 307 is mounted for rather special horn , the horn is generally mounted on the door metal door frames , and 307 are mounted directly on the door trim, thus , if you want to achieve better owners performance results , it is recommended that location plus a layer of insulation .

It is worth mentioning that the modification is not the focus of the speaker 307 , and the host . As the host of smaller power output of 307 comes with a lot of owners are sound enough to reflect its "powerful ." Such as the installation of a power amplifier , the problem is solved. Since the control position 307 is suitable for any host, so conversion potential is very prominent.

   b wide of the Civic consider adding a host

   Honda Civic owners who want to modify it , can not say sorry . Since the market has not dedicated Civic models , so modifications to the host space is not great. If you insist on replacing the host, you need to install a panel together , but the attendant was rising costs .

   In addition to replacing the mainframe approach , Civic owners can also consider retrofitting , because thinking ample space below the control panel domain , plus installed on a host is not a problem , this approach , although not in the use of conflict, but the appearance will play some discount.

   c FAW- Volkswagen Jetta kicked people with speakers from

   Sound design for Sagitar position is debatable. The car door speakers mounted in the driver's waist , it would be coming out by the sound of the horn , spread to the human ear in the process suffer more obstacles affecting the performance results , so the best way is to put the door on the modification speaker position before shifting a little to avoid more obstacles. One of the principle that the position of the car horn , preferably as far as possible from the human ear , the better the communication process obstacles , so as to get a better sound wall , the better the sound quality.