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Car audio conversion errors

2014-03-31 16:41:50 Hits:

In general audio equipment , the sound of the distortion is increasing with the increase of the volume , and select the appropriate volume to listen to music , can reduce distortion , true to listen to music , but also can protect the ears from unnecessary damage. Experts suggest that you listen to the recommendations of sound , audio equipment with a reasonable choice , not necessarily expensive, nor must be more, but we must sound good . Modified car owners , there are many sound like the " loud noise " are. They are not car audio enthusiasts , the sound pressure is not stressed , respected Hi-End, has just entered the threshold of music appreciation , simply that loud enough .

■ Subwoofer bellows Some people like freeloaders , five hundred dollars to buy poor quality subwoofer, sound broadcast vague as bellows rural stove , a " snore, snore ," the . Quality control subwoofer sound good , the sound is " one , one ." Enthusiasts had selected this analogy subwoofer method, if can hear the bass , then you throw subwoofer respect ; if they can feel the bass , then congratulations, bird shot pretty good.

■ emphasized the shock effect of distortion can not make people enjoy music car audio beauty , but will bring harm. Both sound great but also not distorted , which is what car audio design, installation and commissioning of key technologies . Some owners often sound volume was very large , extremely stressed generate "shock " effect. Such a large volume for a true representation of the beautiful music has become impossible , and the result is harsh treble , alto unclear, muddy bass . Perhaps this time the listener does not feel there is distortion, which is due to the large volume of people has become dull of hearing nerve of the sound field , positioning, sound quality , etc. ability to distinguish blurred. Long live the noise , even for the health of human hearing would cause harm . Treble distortion generated cacophony , the human ear is very easy to detect . But the bass distortion is often ignored by the human ear . Bass distortion makes the eardrum vibration greatly damaging for greater damage to the human ear .

■ Multi- mounted speakers and amplifiers and some owners of n low in the car horn installed. The appearance of "cool" , but the sound was distorted too unbearable. To loud more easily , be more speakers and amplifiers on it. As a group of people who have not had vocal training in singing, though sounds great, but out of tune , distortion opportunities abound. Size is not a measure of professional voice choir , the tone is accurate .