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Choose the right car stereo

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Buy car audio , should be based on their actual needs and budget , under the guidance of professionals to choose. Car audio including hosts, speakers, amplifiers of three parts : the popular host has : CD host and CD / VCD hosts ( each host with radio function ), DVD. It is now up to the host is using car CD stereo system . One thing is very important : Before you buy a host , you should first determine a good amplifier , power amplifier because of the different requirements of the host is not the same , if you choose the amplifier, the best choice for high output current pre- hosts , currently four volt output better. There are dual cone speaker , two -way , three- way type, independent component type, subwoofers and so on. Independent Component includes separate tweeter and midrange unit and separate crossover network , usually mounted on the front door of the car . In general, the larger the caliber speakers , low frequency , the better , so enjoy listening to the bass , it is best with larger caliber speakers. After selecting speakers, according to the speaker and the entire sound budgetary power to decide whether to install the amplifier , in general, select eight inches and eight inches above the speaker must be equipped with a power amplifier . A great impact on the quality of the amplifier , in general, the same brand of amplifiers and speakers with better should be considered first ; If you choose to brand car speakers and amplifiers , in general, can be in accordance with its technical parameters ; against unknown brand best match the actual audition . The power amplifier are generally larger , we must examine the wire and insurance, and insurance substandard wire installation shop uses only the loss of power , but also easily lead to fires , especially large-scale systems to install multiple amplifier when the original car 's power and electricity to be fully considered . In addition to these various aspects , wire and auxiliary materials used during installation is definitely the place you should care about , including the use of tools , such as tape and adapter cable , especially antenna signal line adapter is especially important. In general , the larger hand- wiring affect the sound quality , interference is also poor. For the installation of amplifiers and other large-scale systems , the need to use MDF speaker , speaker cloth, waterproof car insurance , the quality of these materials directly affects the sound effects and vehicle safety. Another very important point is the product of your choice decide whether to play its proper performance , the most important conditions to meet your needs - technical installation engineering and technical personnel ! Qualified installers familiar with the brand of car audio products operating characteristics and quality characteristics ; secondly they are familiar with the size of the various models and speaker audio line installation location and the space occupied . Car audio and home audio is not the same , you need to consider a variety of factors vibration, dust , heat , etc. ; small interior space , a larger impact on the installation position of the speaker sound quality, so it is best to have a quality assurance professional car audio shop to install Do not freeloaders easily find a street shops on the end, so you will be a great loss .